A New Network of Mountain Biking Trails Is Now Open in Margaret River

A little over a year and a half ago, the WA government announced plans to develop an extensive network of mountain-biking trails in Margaret River. This ambitious project comprises nearly 500 km of trails for mountain bikers to enjoy and promises to boost Margaret River’s image as a leading WA destination for outdoor sports and activities.

The final touches on some the most highly anticipated trails were completed this year. At that time, the new trails were already receiving upwards of 4,500 riders per month, which works out to about 150 per day. That figure is impressive, and it’s only expected to rise as more people learn about Margaret River’s new outdoor asset.

In April, PerthNow reported on the opening of a section of trails and interviewed John Dingey, an avid cyclist who was involved in their development. He was impressed with how quickly people were coming out to enjoy these new mountain biking trails.

“People are coming from everywhere. It’s unheard of to get those sorts of numbers of riders,” he said. “Everyone from families to the pros are using the trails, and they really are a fantastic asset to have.”

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Margaret River’s Mountain Biking Trails Offer Something for Everyone

One of the reasons that these new trails are so broadly appealing is that there really is something for everyone. Beginners, intermediate cyclists and experts will all find sections to enjoy. Whether you’re hoping to hone your skills or would simply like to take the family out for a leisurely day out, there are trails to suit.

The network of trails that just opened is located in Bramley Forest, and the showpiece is Big Pine (also known as ‘Compartment 10’). It’s a fast and flowy trail that cyclists say is reminiscent of New Zealand’s Rotorua. And there are plenty of other trails currently available.

Here are some other trails – some of which were already in operation – that are attracting mountain bikers to Margaret River in droves:

  • Wadandi Track – Beginners
    This 30 km track connects Cowaramup to Witchcliffe, and it passes through Margaret River along the way. It’s a great trail for getting a taste of what off-road cycling is like – with easy-going terrain, historic bridges and plenty of places to stop and take in the scenic vistas.
  • The Pines – Intermediate
    This is a relatively easy intermediate trail, so it’s a good choice for those who are ready to take on a slightly greater challenge without jumping in over their heads. There are a few jumps, rollers and berms here – most of which are tame enough for kids to safely try their hand at. The entire trail is about 10 km long.
  • 10 Mile Brook – Intermediate
    This trail offers a beautiful ride alongside the Margaret River, leading bikers through a forest of jarrah and karri. There are plenty of side tracks available here, as well, for those who would like to take on more challenging terrain. The trail continues for more than 15 km.
  • Creek Trails – Advanced
    Ask a local mountain biker where to go, and they’re likely to direct you to Creek Trails. This was one of the first trails to open in the region, and it still features some of the best single tracks in Margaret River. Near the bottom of the trail is a small water hole – the perfect place to cool down with a refreshing swim.

The above is only a short list of the trails you can enjoy in Margaret River. Consult this comprehensive trail map by Trails WA for a detailed look.  It’s also worth noting that they’ve only completed phase one of three in the area’s trail development. The Margaret River area is going to continue improving in terms of trails and access to cyclists.

Plan Your Mountain Biking Trip to Margaret River

This is a great time to plan a mountain biking adventure in Margaret River. There are more first-rate trails in the area than ever before, and the local mountain-biking culture is really coming into its own. There are several local bike shops that can help with bike- and equipment-hire, trip planning and more.

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