The Most Photogenic Scenery in Margaret River

Instagrammer taking photo of Maragaret River with their iPhone

Whether you’re a DSLR-toting photography fanatic, a budding Instagram star or someone who just wants to snap a few memorable holiday pics on their smartphone, you’ll be pleased to know that Margaret River has some of the most beautiful and photogenic scenery in all of Australia.


In fact, just weeks ago, Margaret River’s Wyadup Spa (natural rock pools near Yallingup) featured as the backdrop in Kyle Bowman’s photo, which won first prize in the Australia from Above drone photography competition. Boranup has also been in the media recently, thanks to these stunning photos of a southern right whale just 70 metres off the coast of Boranup Beach, taken by Joel Nankivell using a drone.


Want to snap some amazing photos during your stay at our 5 star Margaret River accommodation? Be sure to check out these seven spots:


Photo-worthy spots in Margaret River


  1. Cape Naturaliste

Venture down to Cape Naturaliste, find the lighthouse and climb to the top. You’ll be rewarded with sensational panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and Geographe Bay.

  1. Surfers Point

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to beaches in Margaret River, but Surfers Point might just take the cake. Imposing and dramatic, this wave and the fearless surfers who attempt to conquer it make for excellent photo subjects.

  1. Boranup Forest

Immerse yourself in nature and get some great snaps for the photo album with a trip to Boranup Forest. From the lookout, you can see over the top of the treetops for a better sense of scale.

  1. Lake Cave

No photographer’s trip to Margaret River is complete without visiting Lake Cave. Featuring an enormous crystal hanging from the ceiling of the cave and a mirror-like lake, the reflective imagery in here is out of this world. For best results, bring a camera that can handle low-light conditions. Do note that tripods and selfie sticks are prohibited.

  1. Busselton Jetty

The longest wooden pier in the world, Busselton Jetty juts out over the sea for almost two kilometres and offers all sorts of incredible photo opportunities.

  1. Dunsborough Whales

The marine life throughout Margaret River is as beautiful as it is diverse, and it doesn’t get much better than whale watching in Dunsborough. From late May through to early December, a number of providers offer whale watching tours that allow you to get up close and personal with humpback whales, southern right whales and – if you’re lucky – the elusive blue and minke whales.

  1. Vineyards

There are more than 200 vineyards in Margaret River and they’re all incredibly photogenic. From the grapes to the wine to the chic decor of the wineries themselves, our local vineyards are the perfect setting for a laidback photoshoot.

After a day out enjoying the sights and capturing memories of your trip, you’ll want to unwind in luxury in our 5-star accommodation in Margaret River. Give us a call and book your apartment reservation today.