Where are the best surf spots in Margaret River?

Margaret River has a reputation for being one of the best places on the planet to catch a wave – and for very good reason. Boasting 130 kilometres of coastline and more than 75 breaks, the region offers much more than its fair share of world-class surf spots. Margaret River also hosts an annual event on the World Surfing League and has produced some pretty notable surfing names over the years, including Jake Paterson, Paul Paterson, Jacob Willcox and more.

Of course, you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy surfing in Margaret River. Regardless of whether you’re a grommet looking to take your skills to the next level or a veteran of the waves, Margaret River has a plethora of surf spots to suit every experience level.

Boranup Beach

Suitable for: beginners.

Situated about 40 kilometres from our Margaret River 5 star accommodation, Boranup Beach offers solid left and right handers perfectly suited to beginners and those looking for a good spot to learn how to surf. Just park at the sand dunes, walk down and aim for the waves. Do note that the further north you go, the stronger the rips get.


Suitable for: beginners.

Of the many breaks near Gracetown, Huzzas is perhaps the most beginner-friendly. The mellow reef break offers long, rolling rides that are ideal for building your confidence in the water. Because of this, the wave is very popular among locals and tourists alike, and it can get quite busy.

Surfers Point

Suitable for: semi-experienced.

Far from being a hidden gem, Surfers Point is probably the most renowned wave in all of Western Australia. The break offers powerful left and right handers, with the former being a little more forgiving. When Surfers Point is under six foot, it’s suitable for just about everyone, but it can get positively massive when conditions are right; if the waves are over six foot, it’s better to leave it to the veterans.

South Point

Suitable for: semi-experienced.

Located southwest of Gracetown, South Point is home to a fun left-hander over a reef. The break is fairly sheltered, making it a great spot for intermediate-level riders when storms turn other waves into dauntingly big monsters.


Suitable for: experienced.

It’s a long (long) way out to the break, but those who have the strength and endurance for the lengthy paddle are rewarded with a long left-hander that breaks over a reef. The waves can get large, so be sure to watch for a bit before heading in.

The Box

Suitable for: experienced.

This extremely powerful right-hander is one of the fastest, hardest hitting breaks in the area. Breaking over a very shallow jagged reef, The Box is known for doling out beatings to those who come unprepared. Beginners would be wise to stay away.

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